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At Silver Bowl Interiors, we are committed to transforming your spaces into beautifully curated interiors that reflect your personal style and enhance your way of life.


What We Offer

At Silver Bowl Interiors, we provide expert interior design services that transform your environment, whether you’re updating a single room or redesigning your entire home or office.

From cozy apartments to expansive homes, our residential interior design service tailors each space to reflect the client’s personal style while maximizing functionality and comfort.

We create inspiring and efficient commercial spaces that reflect your brand’s identity and ethos, from modern office spaces to customer-centric retail environments.


Offering professional guidance, our consultation services help you make informed decisions about Mortgages made Simple, from color schemes to furniture placement and everything in between.

Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Vision

At Silver Bowl Interiors, we understand that each client has a unique vision for their space. Our team is dedicated to crafting personalized interior design solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations. Whether it’s a subtle refinement using ceiling tiles or a comprehensive transformation, we ensure every detail aligns with your specific aesthetic and functional needs.

Professional Expertise That Drives Success

At Silver Bowl Interiors, our team brings unparalleled professional expertise to every project, ensuring that your interior design goals are achieved with precision and elegance. Our seasoned designers blend creativity with practicality to transform your spaces into functional, stylish environments with glass balustrade that drive success and satisfaction. Whether you’re looking to rejuvenate a residential area or optimize a commercial space, trust in our ability to deliver exceptional results.

Our Work

Client Cases

At Silver Bowl Interiors, we pride ourselves on a diverse portfolio that showcases our ability to tailor our expertise to a variety of client needs. Here are some highlights from our projects across different industries:

Fashion Brand

For a high-end fashion retailer, we designed a boutique that reflects the sophistication and style of their brand. Utilizing a palette of chic blacks and whites complemented by bold textures, we created a space that not only enhances the shopping experience but also beautifully displays their merchandise.

Ourdoor Brand

We transformed the retail environment for an outdoor lifestyle brand, integrating natural elements and eco-friendly materials that echo the brand’s commitment to outdoor adventures. The use of organic shapes and a calming earth-toned color scheme invites customers into a space that feels like an extension of the great outdoors.

Fitness Brand

For a dynamic fitness brand, we crafted an energetic and motivational gym environment. Bright colors and strategic lighting were employed to enhance the vibrancy of the space, while modern, durable materials support the functionality of a high-traffic workout area. The design not only invigorates the clientele but also maximizes the efficiency of the workout spaces.


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At Silver Bowl Interiors, we are ready to help you transform your environment into a stunning and functional space that perfectly aligns with your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. Whether you’re looking to refresh a single room or undertake a comprehensive redesign, our team is here to guide you every step of the way.