• 311 Leith Walk, Edinburgh, EH6 8SA
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pleasure to experience... for Silver Bowl

pleasure to experience

I've ordered from the Albert Drive restaurant twice now. It is SO NICE to find a Thai that it made properly. I didn;t even know they had Chinese. The curries are DELICIOUS and not from some powder. The Thai veg rolls arrive crispy and not microwaved. They CARE about their customers (sent me a replacement for a missed starter once). The soups are "perky" not dull like most other places. And since I am allergic to MSG, they honor my request to not add it in. Me and my partner literally sit and get every last drop out of the bowl - it's THAT GOOD. A pleasure to experience, and I'm grateful that someone in business 'gets it'. FIve Stars.

Martin, Edinburgh at Apr 5, 2012