About Us

How it all began?

It all started on a little island called Ap Chau in Hong Kong.  This was home for Mr. Ah Chin Chan and Miss Yee Mui Shek (Mama Chan), his fiancée.  For the thousand inhabitants living on the island, fishing was the main occupation.  Life as a fisherman was harsh and difficult.  Mr. A.C. dreamt about creating a better life for himself and his future family.  That dream would take the couple to Edinburgh, a city six thousand miles away from their homeland. 

What was Mr. A.C’s dream?

After working and learning cooking skills in a restaurant, Mr. A.C. decided on a new business venture.  In 1968, the Chans bought the current premise and opened the Very First Take-Away in Edinburgh.  This was pretty forward-thinking and daring for the time because Chinese meals was still a novelty to the British public. Good thinking, Mr. A.C.!!


Why the “Silver Bowl”? 

The Chan’s named the shop, the Silver Bowl.  “Silver”, reasoned Mr. A.C., “is a harder metal than gold, more durable and lasting.”  And true to its name, with God’s blessing, the Silver Bowl has been running for 52 years.  


What was the signature dish then? 

It was Mama Chan’s special curry, hands down!  The new business was slow at first, so the Chans came up with A SPECIAL CURRY DAY for people to try the special curry at a discounted price on Thursdays.  Customers would queue up for this and well, the rest is history…..  


It’s not just a take-away, is it?

The Silver Bowl was much more than just a take-away shop.  It was a place where the Chan family extended a helping hand to those who were new to the country and gave them jobs to make a living and learn new skills.  They in turn went out and started their own businesses.  “If you have a loaf of bread, don’t eat it yourself, share it with others.” as Mama Chan would say.

Over the years, our regular customers have been coming each week for their meals.  They now come with their children or even their grandchildren.  Its not just a store - it’s a family, a community. 


From our kitchen to yours…

We are thrilled to be a part of the history in Leith, a part of the community here and honored to be able to serve you these 52 years.  We hope that we will be around for many years to come. We couldn’t have done it without you.  To our customers, THANK YOU!


The Silver Bowl Team 2020